January 20, 2012

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for visiting my page but I have changed websites.  Please check out the following to meet your requirements….

Adult fitness classes and weight loss programmes – http://www.fitnesswithbeckylane.com

Kids ballet and Street Dance classes (Move and Groove) – http://www.moveandgroove.net

Dance and fitness for the under 5’s (Movin Monkeez) – http://www.movinmonkeez.co.uk

Hi everyone, you have 48 more hours to p

August 8, 2011

Hi everyone, you have 48 more hours to pre-order your Pilates Bodyconditioning dvd before the bargain price of £5 goes up! x

I’m filming my new Pilates and Body Con

August 4, 2011

I’m filming my new Pilates and Body Conditioning DVD tomorrow. Tweet me if you would like to pre-order a copy – only £5! Bargain :)

Dancers Legs

February 25, 2008

I came across this recent blog which has some great fitness tips and features for all of those who love incorporating dance into their fitness regime.  One particular post includes a video workout hosted by Patty Rose, dance and fitness expert.  The quick video routine will help achieve beautiful, long, lean dancer’s legs.

Incorporating dance into aerobic exercise is something I specialise in at Move and Groove; it helps you to burn loads of calories and have plenty of fun at the same time.  So here’s the video…enjoy the results!

Pilates Classes with Plates?

February 21, 2008


Pilates is becoming very popular throughout the UK and is becoming the number one exercise class in Basingstoke! Going to a fitness class can be daunting for some people, which is why my number one rule is to make sure Move and Groove classes are always intimidation free and loads of fun for everyone.

My pilates classes are choreographed using the latest revolutionary gliding plate technology that allows smooth, graceful movements that firm, tone and sculpt long, lean beautiful muscles. The sliding motion engages your muscles through a full range of movements that strengthen and lengthen the major muscle groups of your entire body.  You can sculpt your legs, tone your inner and outer thighs, trim your hips and firm and lift your bottom.

Despite being fantastic exercise, pilates classes are low impact which means it’s a great form of exercise for everyone regardless of your fitness level.  My class members often comment on how their flexibility, stamina and general sense of wellbeing has improved, and the weight loss is an obvious benefit as well. 


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